Academy LEVEL 2
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Academy LEVEL 2

With this gift certificate, you receive a Mastering the Green seminar Level 2. 

This seminar is for intermediate players that have already completed the first seminar level and is also made up of a theoretical and a distinctive practical section. 

Learning Objectives

Brushing up the following parameters:

  • * The importance of the grip to the results
  • * The perfect ball position, even on a slope
  • * The meaning of the putting stroke
  • * The putt routine (practice swing over the ball)

Practical Objectives

  • * Check up of your putter for lie and so forth
  • * Aiming, address position, putting stroke
  • * Development of a feel for length
  • * All variations of putt training


Goethestr. 49

75217 Birkenfeld


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RRP 425,00 €

Online virtual fittng isnt available for the Junior Putter. You can make an appointment in our Kramski Putter Academy.


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